"....so is my lord the king to discern good and evil. And may the Lord your God be with you."

The woman sent by Joab to speak to David had some good words, whether from a preconceived script or speaking of her own volition, it would be applicable to David or most people. Oh that the Lord would give us wisdom to know good from evil, and the Lord would be with us. So simple, yet so profound, that God would endue us with the ability to choose between good and evil, and that we might walk with Him. Good words for us all.

Pastor Russell


"I'm Okay, I'm Good"--Answers we've often heard. At times we come to church burdened, and we go home taking the same burden, rather than asking for prayer. Don't take your burdens home with you today.

Prayer Points

Lahaina Rebuild - Prayer for our Sister Churches - We stand in the gap for our fellow Calvary Chapels, many going through things of transition, some even going through pilikia. We stand in a tenuous place, praying for the wellbeing of the church. Don't discount our effectiveness as we pray for God's best for the church family.

River of Life Mission - As the volume of meals and ministry opportunities have ramped up at the River of Life Mission, please keep all the staff and guests, as well as the neighboring community, in prayer.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - As the Middle East heats up, pray for the nation of Israel along with all of those in this region who have come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.