"And it came about after they had brought it around, the hand of the Lord was against the city with very great confusion; and He smote the men of the city with very great confusion; young and old, so that tumors broke out on them."

The ark of God, captured by the Philistines as a trophy or souvenir of victory, was placed by their god Dagon in its house. They quickly discovered Dagon could not stand alongside the ark of God as it was toppled over, its head and hands dismembered from the torso. Confusion, as well as a physical malady called tumors ravaged the men. The Philistines would discover that the ark, was truly much more than an emblem of God, but where God's presence resided in the midst of His people. Hordes of mice would soon ravage the crops as they realized the power of God. It was quickly sent back, with a new respect for the God of Israel. How the world needs a new found respect for the true and living God.

Pastor Russell


Christmas season - Along with all the busyness of the season, remember that Jesus is the real reason for the season.

Maui Prayer - Continue to keep the many families affected by the Lahaina wildfire in prayer, as they struggle to get back to a semblance of normalcy.

Prayer Points

Lahaina Recovery - Continue to keep in prayer the people of Lahaina and for the entirety of Maui. Long term effects and status of rebuilding, housing for the displaced, job recovery and financial ramifications all come into recovery efforts.

River of Life Mission - Continue to keep the ROLM in prayer. The dynamic ministry is ever changing and morphing. Keep the staff as well as the guests and ministry partners in prayer.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - As the Middle East heats up, pray for the nation of Israel along with all of those in this region who have come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.