"So Moses spoke thus to the sons of Israel, but they did not listen to Moses on account of their despondency and cruel bondage."

The cruel grip of the pharaohs hand seemed as if to encircle the throats of the hapless Israelites, choking the very life and vibrancy from them. Gone was the fire and drive that had first spurred them on, now without resolve, they failed to receive comfort and encouragement from the word of the Lord. Often, we respond in like manner, hammered by our circumstance, our world put out of order and in chaos, we fall into the grip of the lie. Rather than shut down, this is when we need to seek out the Lord even more fervently, for its He who is able to do and to accomplish beyond what we think or ask.

Pastor Russell


Today after Service - If you can, please stay for some food and fellowship right after service.

Black Friday Blues - Immediately after the holiday we celebrate as thanksgiving. Contrary though, is the fact that so many take on the additional stress of shopping, juggling bills and additional pressures of how to and why this or that. Don't get caught up and be in prayer for those around you during these stressful times where we've taken Jesus out of the season.

Prayer Points

River of Life Mission - As the volume of meals and ministry opportunities have ramped up at the River of Life Mission, please keep all the staff and guests, as well as the neighboring community, in prayer.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - As the Middle East heats up, pray for the nation of Israel along with all of those in this region who have come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.